A one man FCP diary is rarely compliant

They say too many cooks spoil the broth but when it comes to your FCP, many hands in the right places can make your food safety systems more efficient and your business more compliant.

A vast majority of New Zealand businesses have 5 or fewer employees and the food industry is no exception. This can mean that the tasks of maintaining records and managing safety systems often falls to one person. Usually the same person who is running the accounts, managing stock, organising staff and all the other things that come with running a busy food outlet. This often leads to the administration tasks being poorly managed and the records keeping falls behind.

I am often asked how FCP diaries can be managed better and my answer is always to spread the load by delegating tasks across several people. The use of smartphone reminders to prompt these people to conduct their tasks is a huge help.These can be used to prompt poultry checks or even the 12 weekly thermometer calibrations.

If one person is put in charge of the fridge temperature records and the chef takes on the weekly poultry and reheating checks this immediately makes the tasks easy to manage. The chef will then sign off each week, file the sheets and move on to the next week.

The final step is to have a manager or owner put a reminder in their phone to conduct the 4 weekly review and make any updates or add new staff training sheets where needed. This ensures that there are checks and balances throughout the year and the records diary is always up to date.

The use of smartphone reminders can keep records keeping on track

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